The results from the participating SHA-club competitions are compiled over the calendar year to determine the overall winningest brewer over that year’s events.  Each ribbon for a mead or cider at each comp earns points (3/2/1 pts for 1st/2nd/3rd place, respectively).  To be eligible for SHA annual awards, competition entrants must be a member in good standing of a SHA-member club.

SHA Mead & Cider Maker of the Year Results (through PSBO ~Dec 5th, 2017)

Justin BrooksPSB11
Andrea WareCBM9
Steve HanmerCBM7
Lou BrooksPSB6
Mike SchenkCBM3
Hugh MunroMALT3
Kirsten WyattCARBOY3
William SpiesbergerJRHB2
Kristina StoddardLCL2
John Van ItallieJRHB2
Chris ComptonPSB2
TJ TippinPSB2
Kathi ZelenikPSB2
Gerald FilickoJRHB1
Trevor GildeaLCL1
Richard LaneCBM1
Trey LovelaceCBM1
Ron GloverHOPS1
Chuck GilbertHOPS1