The results from the participating SHA-club competitions are compiled over the calendar year to determine the overall winningest brewer over that year’s events.  Each ribbon for a mead or cider at each comp earns points (3/2/1 pts for 1st/2nd/3rd place, respectively).  To be eligible for SHA annual awards, competition entrants must be a member in good standing of a SHA-member club.

SHA Mead & Cider Maker of the Year Results (Through BBG’s Skirmish in the Traid ~Nov 3, 2018)

Justin BrooksPSB12
Chuck GilbertHOPS6
Christopher RileyWSWH5
Steven JonesDEA5
William SpiesbergerJRHB5
Kevin LindleyNASH3
Matthew NanneyRHBA3
Steve HanmerCBM2
Dan MouerJRHB1
Allen SmithHOPS1