Each SHA member club is eligible to hold a competition, and the results of each competition are compiled over the calendar year to determine a Brewer of the Year, a Mead & Cider Maker of the Year, and also a SHA Homebrew Club of the Year.  Below is a schedule of the participating competitions for 2017.

February 4Domras Cup (mead only)SBLwebsite
March 4Shamrock OpenCARBOYwebsite
March 25Port City PlunderWort City Brewerswebsite
April 1Olde Hickory / Howard Brewing Pro-AmCLASSwebsite
April 8Colonial CupLCLwebsite
May 13US OpenCBMwebsite
June 3Summer SizzlerDEAFacebook
August 5 Dominion Cup JRHB website
September 16Blue Ridge Brew OffMALTwebsite
October 14Crystal Coast Brew OffATFwebsite
NovemberSkirmish in the TriadBBGwebsite
DecemberPalmetto State Brewers OpenPSBOwebsite