Each SHA member club is eligible to hold a competition, and the results of each competition are compiled over the calendar year to determine a Brewer of the Year, a Mead & Cider Maker of the Year, and also a SHA Homebrew Club of the Year.  Below is a schedule of the participating competitions for 2020.

February 1Domras Cup (mead only)SBLwebsite
Feb 29Shamrock OpenCARBOYwebsite
March 14CASK Beer BlitzColonial Ale Smiths and Keggerswebsite
April 4  (postponed)Port City PlunderWort City Brewerswebsite
April  25 (postponed)Colonial CupLCLwebsite
Mayopen website
August 1US OpenCBMwebsite
August 15 Dominion Cup JRHB website
September 19Blue Ridge Brew OffMALTwebsite
October 24Summer SizzlerDEAwebsite
November Skirmish in the TriadBBGwebsite
December Palmetto State Brewers OpenPSBOwebsite