The results from the participating SHA-club competitions are compiled over the calendar year to determine the overall winningest brewer over that year’s events.  Each ribbon at each comp earns points (3/2/1 pts for 1st/2nd/3rd place, respectively).  Below are the current standings through the completed competitions that have submitted results data files.   To be eligible for SHA annual awards, competition entrants must be a member in good standing of a SHA-member club.

SHA Brewer of the Year Results  (through Wort City’s competition  ~Mar 31,  2019)

David Byer MALT 31
Ken Hilton DEA 16
Brian Gallup PSB 15
Chris Compton PSB 13
Chris Hass PSB 12
Brad Schuler WCB 11
William Spiesberger JRHB 10
Chuck Gilbert HOPS 8
Adam Allen PSB 7
Mike Foderaro BBG 6
Stephen Scott CABREW 6
Steve Jones DEA 6
Jamieson Vollbrecht WCB 6
Metts Potter BBG 5
Ryan Spruill DEA 5
Joel Masters PSB 5
Tim Kelley SHC 5
Jeremy Frazier PSB 4
Gregory Giles PSB 4
Mike Moroe CABREW 3
Art Tucker CABREW 3
Benjiman Pulley CBM 3
Adrian Sutherland CBM 3
Diane Bartz DEA 3
Carl Haigler HOPS 3
Carlton Dunlap PSB 3
Chad Gibbs PSB 3
Paul Lutz SHC 3
Andy Gates WCB 3
Todd Holbrook WCB 3
Phil Smith ATF 2
Robert Locke CARBOY 2
Angela Gilbert HOPS 2
Edward Marquardt LCL 2
Mike Drago MASH 2
Brandon Wiglesworth MASH 2
Justin Brooks PSB 2
Wells Johnson PSB 2
David Merz PSB 2
Matthew Nanney RHBA 2
Jeff May WCB 2
Jared Books CABREW 1
Jimi Nedoff CABREW 1
Steve Propst CABREW 1
Keith Eisel CARBOY 1
Thomas Jenket CARBOY 1
Andrew Pinzhoffer CARBOY 1
Darren Unland CARBOY 1
Mark Whitehead CBM 1
David Mitchell DEA 1
Bob Sheck DEA 1
Wayne Brewer PSB 1
Jeremy Buddemeier SBL 1