The results from the participating SHA-club competitions are compiled over the calendar year to determine the overall winningest brewer over that year’s events.  Each ribbon at each comp earns points (3/2/1 pts for 1st/2nd/3rd place, respectively).  Below are the current standings through the completed competitions that have submitted results data files.   To be eligible for SHA annual awards, competition entrants must be a member in good standing of a SHA-member club.

SHA Brewer of the Year Results  (through Hickory CLASS Pro-Am ~April 7, 2018)

Metts PotterBBG32
David ByerMALT21
Brad SchulerWCB15
Jody HinsonWCB15
Anthony MercerDEA14
Christoper RileyWSWH13
Ken HiltonDEA11
Joel MillerJRHB10
Dennis PikeNASH9
Thomas CarpenterCBM9
Chuck GilbertHOPS8
Brian McVeighDEA7
Mark WhiteheadCBM7
Grant AndersonDEA6
Christopher HyltonHOPS5
Frank OsbornePSB5
Justin BrooksPSB5
Barry WrayCLASS4
Chris HassPSB4
Gregory EllisHOPS4
Jesse NewcomerJRHB4
Tom CrastCBM4
Tracy PrattBBG4
William SpiesbergerJRHB4
Adam ReinkeMALT3
Bob SheckDEA3
Carl HaiglerHOPS3
Charles LawhonWCB3
Chris RabeauFNBC3
David MerzPSB3
David MitchellDEA3
Gareth SpensleyHOPS3
Gregory GilesPSB3
Henry HarmsWCB3
Jeffrey JonesCLASS3
Jeremy FrazierPSB3
Mike FoderaroBBG3
Thomas BowenPSB3
Tom HendersonCBM3
Andy GatesWCB2
Ben EusticeCLASS2
Christopher WoodPSB2
Michael ShaverHOPS2
Edward ChristianHOPS2
Jeff MayWCB2
Jennifer IndicottFNBC2
Jesse NaftelWCB2
Joel MastersPSB2
Joseph KoffmanBACC2
Kevin LindleyNASH2
Mike HoganPSB2
Paul GoodellCARBOY2
Paul WatkinsCLASS2
Stephen ScottCABREW2
Steve MorganMALT2
Todd HolbrookWCB2
Wells JohnsonPSB2
BJ Wilming IIIDEA1
Dave BuningCARBOY1
Sam FlederCARBOY1
Stephen RamseyFNBC1